The Young Woman Who Lived in a Shoe

From a most unlikely start in an old disused Baptist Chapel in Battersea, a few yards from Clapham Junction station, Elizabeth Braund pioneered a unique work with young people and families at Providence House, which has benefitted thousands and changed the lives of many inner city people.


Her visionary enterprise began among the streets of old Battersea in the 1960s, developed among the multi-cultural housing developments of the seventies, and led on to her imaginative ‘Lung for the City’ Project on Dartmoor. 

‘The Young Woman Who Lived in a Shoe’ tells the story of the first decade of Providence House, with its excitements and challenges. Elizabeth Braund’s intuitive grasp of complex situations, together with her refusal to accept traditional clichés and methods, greatly contributed to her success. She was able as a result to identify with the people who lived round about her, as they experienced social and spiritual upheaval in a tough, urban neighbourhood.

Elizabeth died in May 2013, but her faith and vision continue to inspire the work at Providence House and East Shallowford, on Dartmoor.

This book is published by ‘The Shallowford Trust’ East Shallowford Farm, Widecombe in the Moor, Devon