Word for Today: Prayers close to God.

Posted on October 12, 2017

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Word for Today: Prayers close to God.

Where do you put things that are important or that you may need in a hurry? Like your wallet, or keys, or your diary. Or even your Bible.

Where do you put everyday things? Where do you put that thing that you don’t leave out, but you need to remember where it is safe?


Without being irreverent, where do you think God keeps things? Or where do you think He keeps things we bring to Him?


King Solomon in the Bible had completed the great project of his life, the building of the Temple in Jerusalem. This was something he had been destined to undertake.

As well as the huge human and financial effort this had involved he knew that through it all were the unmistakeable signs of the provision of God, at every stage, stone by stone. Now that it was done, more than anything he wanted to know that this would still be the case, day by day.


He prays this – publicly, and for all to hear:

‘May the Lord turn our hearts to Him, to walk in His ways.

And may these words of mine, which I have prayed before the Lord, be near to the Lord, day and night.’ 1 Kings 8.58-9.


Now there is a remarkable thought for the praying person, for the one who is seeking God and His help, that God keeps our prayers close to him.


Do you know this old hymn that begins with the words, “There is a place of quiet rest near to the heart of God”, and the chorus?

“O Jesus, blest Redeemer, sent from the heart of God,

Hold us, who wait before You, near to the heart of God.”


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